. . . from sales to start-ups to science, a gallimaufry of recent work - and some from back in the mists of time (did I mention I've got a quarter century's experience with content to offer?).

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copywriting, copy Editing, proofreading, articles. . .






This is the website introduction page to the UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) Frontiers 2018/19 report on Emerging Issues of Environmental Concern that I produced the introductory overview copy for.

 Consultant copy editor


I was privileged to work on this important report for UNEP as consultant copy editor for the often technical text and to write the introductory copy for the webpage (above).






This is a fabulous, inspiring read of a book that I thoroughly enjoyed doing the final proofread for - a great project for a highly successful businessman turned author.

Pillars of An Elite Sales Career


#LifE - The Wisdom of Philosophy, Psychology and Pop-culture for Living a Better life




This is a really inspiring, substantial book full of helpful wisdom that I did the final proofread on before it went to press, written by a truly wise, lovely guy.

WhatsApp Image 2021-01-03 at 14.00.40 (3



This was a test case article for Maersk Growth on one of their partnered startups, ZigZag Global, and their highly successful, innovative product returns system.

maersk growth


sano genetics 




This was another test case article, this time for a really exciting start-up in the personal healthcare innovation sector.

UNDP front cover image.PNG

copy editor


I was contracted to provide copy editing services for this important report for UNDP, the United Nations Development Programme.



copywriter and proofreader


I was contracted to provide content and editing for certain sections of this important UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) report and proofreading services for the whole publication. 

CCSC 2009 image.PNG



out of the blue - A journey through the world's oceans



I was privileged to provide proofreading services on the manuscript for this beautiful, image-rich publication by a highly knowledgeable author.

BBC Wildlife Magazine


Article author


I was commissioned to write this first-person experience piece as a special report for BBC Wildlife Magazine about one of the world's biggest oil spills, back in the mid '90s.


article author

I was commissioned to write this balanced-article piece on the nascent nuclear reprocessing material transport business by ship back in the late '90s.

clean seas magazine 

Other clients and agencies I have Written & edited content for:

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