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    Words are the lyrics to life and Gallimaufry is that magical melange, the moreish mix, a fabulous mash-up...

Alex Horton aka AxelT, 

wandering wordsmith &

wannabe pirate

Gallimaufry is one of those words that gets an undeservedly bad press, if people have even heard of it.

Here's the dictionary definition: 'A heterogeneous mixture, a confused jumble, a ridiculous medley'.

And its origins are obscure, but most probably derived from the 16th century French galimafrée, 'a dish comprising a hodge-podge of miscellaneous scraps of food'. Not exactly appetising.

However, it can also connote a serendipitous mash-up, something quite magical that arises out of a strange brew, a synergy of samples that really shouldn't work - but somehow does.

So this is what a 'gallimaufry' means for me, and I will bring my whole wondrous, eclectic mishmash, jambalaya, smorgasbord (but no word salad) of wordsmithing experience and expertise to bear in delivering top-tier content for you and your enterprise.

Feel free to ping me at axel@gallimaufry.co.uk

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