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Thought-provoking written Content

Just how creative does your content need to be?

Blog posts: let me know your target audience and broadly what you'd like to say and I'll craft a bespoke article for your social media network.

Articles: if you want to go deeper, give me the parameters and I'll research and write an article that you can use on your website and across your communication channels.

Thought leadership content: You know what you're doing and where you're aiming for, but you don't always have time to stop and articulate your vision and the trends that are driving you to achieve your goals. Let me take a load off and highly discreetly ghostwrite an ace articulation of your insider insight. Give me the parameters and I'll produce something worthy of being shared amongst your peers and fellow trailblazers.

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Creative copywriting


Who needs a copy editor anyway?

Most writers, it turns out. Unless you're a dedicated copywriter yourself, your content is frankly going to need some polishing. If it's worth publishing, it's worth making sure it's word perfect. The last thing you want is to alienate your target audience with avoidable grammatical errors.

Part of the copy editing service is also looking at the whole structure of your content, from the humblest listicle to the lengthiest thought leadership piece. An ace copy editor will not only review and critique your writing, but also make suggestions of where you could express yourself better to get your message across in the optimal way.

This is the level of service that Gallimaufry offers, but don't just take my word for it - send me a piece of existing content that you have written or had written for you and I'll diplomatically show you how it can be polished up to an even more effective, brilliant shine.


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ZERO howler zone

If in any doubt about the benefit and value of a forensic proofread before hitting the publish button, check out my 'Howler' page [coming soon]. Suffice to say, once your prose - or heaven forbid, report - is out there in the wild of the Web, it may well live or die by its grammatical accuracy. 


And if it's going to be physically printed, the last thing you want or need is to have to issue a list of 'errata'. Typos and grammatical mistakes are expensive errors to correct, whether in physical cost in having to reprint, or in reputational damage, when members of your readership flag it up and it's splashed all over the 'net, recorded in perpetuity. 

Avoid all that with an absolutely top-flight Gallimaufry proofread. Forensic to the point of OCD, I will ensure your content goes out error free.

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